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Subject:  Re: Geithner: get rid of debt ceiling Date:  11/17/2012  11:15 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1837945 of 2016287

Are you aware of any corporation that has a "debt ceiling"?

That's an apple and a carrot. As in, not even two pieces of fruit kind of a comparison. If a company takes on too much debt its shareholders rebel and the market tends to devalue it. Rather rapidly.

Continuing the example, though: Companies with well-managed or zero debt loads are considered safe havens for investors. Food for thought.

I you don't want more debt, don't obligate yourself to spend money (budget process).

I agree. It would be *really nice* to have Obama put his signature on his very first official budget. Sometime in his second term. Just sayin'.

If you spend more than you have coming in, your creditors expect to