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Subject:  Re: Dems: No entitlement reforms Date:  11/17/2012  11:22 PM
Author:  ramsfanray Number:  1837947 of 2204425

Increase the Social Security Wage Base.

Okay. How high?

I'll let the math geeks figure that out. But an increase in the wage base will increase the amount of revuew thus helping Social Security stay solvent.

Additional limits on what food stamps can be used for.

Such as? Is the program being abused today?

It's not being abused as the things I wish to limit are allowed by law, but I still think food stamps should not pay for junk food. This is a limit that will help save money and be healthier for the recipients. Which will of course have a positive impact on health care costs that we spend on low-income persons.

Put a picture of the recipient on the food stamp debit card.

Left wingers won't like this one.

I really don't care. Right wingers won't like it either because my plan won't charge the recipient for having his or her picture taken.
Oh no, more tax money spent. How horrible. Never mind that it will help curtail the pratice of people selling their food stamps to other people.

Change the law for MediCare Part D to allow for negotiations.

Any unintended consequences here?

None that I can see.
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