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Subject:  Re: Obama knew it was terror, lied anyway Date:  11/18/2012  1:37 AM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1837975 of 2211232

Stop it. It's an ignorant line of attack and it's exactly what the dems want, especially one Hillary Clinton.

The left isn't to be taken seriously on national security matters.

There is nothing she would enjoy more than watching the GOP stick their heads in the sand and spend the next 4 years pretending they were just victims of, as Limbaugh whines, Santa Claus.

Hillary! has just seen an utterly incompetent President re-elected despite the worst recovery in decades. She knows that all she has to do is play loyal soldier for Obama and his support, along with the democrat nomination - is hers in 2016 if she wants it. Notice how the GOP has zilch to do with that?

Are there people out there getting food stamps that enable them to put a meal on their table? Yup. Santa Claus? Only to the ignorant.

I actually wasn't thinking about food stamps. Why did you automatically go there?

The more I hear lines like yours from prominent republicans, the more I realize the GOP I grew up with is dead and buried and can only hope for pain and despair to bring them back into power.

I'm not sure what GOP you grew up with. Given that you criticize 100% of everything it does, I'm not sure you know either.

Our finances are toast. Our foreign policy is in shambles. And yet to you somehow it's all the Republicans' fault. I think every Republican in Congress could resign tomorrow and be replaced with liberal democrats who still wouldn't pass a budget and you'd find a way to blame the GOP.

Talk about 'just stop it already'. <--- There's some advice you could take.
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