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Subject:  Re: Twinkie Date:  11/18/2012  2:26 AM
Author:  catmeyoo Number:  655787 of 794961

i had a first hand knowledge of every Hostess product and candy bar in the galaxy at one point in my life. --2828

I loved the chocolate ones, cream filled. I discovered them when I was working at the Bayview Hunter’s Point branch library in San Francisco and had them often as an afternoon snack. I worked there maybe 2 years or 3 eating Hostess Cupcakes. I don’t believe I ever had another after I left that branch.

Now I’m thinking about different library assignments and associating certain kinds of foods with them. Richmond Branch goes with morning Maple Bars from a little bakery on Clement; Eureka Valley Branch goes with lunches at a Swedish Smorgasbord; Excelsior Branch goes with Joe’s Fish Grotto, usually for lunch, sometimes dinner, right across the street on Mission. Joe’s fish was so fresh and perfectly cooked it would almost melt in your mouth. Nice and dark in there too, with cozy booths.

Most of my 32 years with San Francisco Public were at the Main Library though, where I was surrounded by a variety of cafes, restaurants, delis, shops, and it is impossible to narrow it down to an overall impression per department or job assignment, although in my early years I do associate the Art and Music Department mostly with the Walk-In directly across the street on McAlister, coffee in the morning, sometimes lunch, or dinner if I was working in the evening, sometimes a beer after work—it was so convenient and I didn’t want to be late getting back ever because my boss was a stern taskmaster named Miss Ashe. Miss Mary Ashe. My idol.

That was followed by a few years in the Office of Adult Services and a new idol. Miss Kincaid, Miss Anne Kincaid, Coordinator of Adult Services. That job I associate most often with the Merchandise Mart, two martinis in a row topped off by a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich. That was a good lunch, and if it occasionally went a little overtime it was all right. I could get away with it because I was with my boss who believed in working hard and playing hard and loved two-martini lunches and discussing the library affairs of the day and plans for the future over lunch and martinis rather than in a stuffy office.

By the mid 70s when I no longer had a “boss” but was a “boss” my food work life became less of an interesting event and that continued through the 80s and 90s. Being a boss takes the pleasure right out of a nice leisurely meal and most everything else if you are the least bit compulsive about responsibility. The food and meals I remember with pleasure at that point had more to do with what happened away from work—dinners with friends, associates, family. Oh my god, so many good places to eat in the Bay Area. I hope I appreciated it. I did and I may not want to see dead relatives when I depart this body but I do have a number of specific eating establishments, breakfasts, lunches and dinners I wish to revisit and enjoy if eating is still something one can do.

I’m still ok and not starving though. I find things to like right here in the country and try to stay alert for anything new that hasn’t been tried.

For instance, right now my favorite thing to do is call Pizza Hut for an individual Super Supreme pizza (pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, pork, beef, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms and black olives), hand tossed style, $7.00, and also a side green salad from their salad bar with a little of everything available and blue cheese dressing on the side, $3.00. Whoever takes my order always