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Subject:  Re: Obama knew it was terror, lied anyway Date:  11/18/2012  11:30 AM
Author:  richieds Number:  1838043 of 2203867

" She knows that all she has to do is play loyal soldier for Obama and his support, along with the democrat nomination - is hers in 2016 if she wants it. Notice how the GOP has zilch to do with that?

You do realize that Hillary wants more than to be the democratic NOMINEE, don't you?

"I actually wasn't thinking about food stamps. Why did you automatically go there?"

Just one example among many others. Post could go on for pages. Lucky you, that you're not one of those who could not survive without these "freebies" from Santa Claus.
It's also ignorant to believe that these people WANT freebies in place of working for a living.
A few? Sure, but we have those on the right also, don't we? People who have no problem using government roads, bridges, etc. but feel they shouldn't have to pay taxes.

"I'm not sure what GOP you grew up with. Given that you criticize 100% of everything it does, I'm not sure you know either."

I thought you were a republican in the 80's? Am I wrong?
Guess what? Reagan would not be nominated by this bunch of Tea Party extremists, at least not his second term. After all, he did compromise on taxes a number of times.
The GOP I grew up with did not sit back and do nothing during the worst economic crisis in our nation's history and force their own president to go to the opposition party to help solve it.

The only difference between you and I is that I don't drink the Kool-Aid.
I don't blindly follow ever order from Grover & his Tea Party ilk.
My apologies if thinking for oneself is against GOP bylaws.

"Our finances are toast."

How were our finances doing in 2008?

"Our foreign policy is in shambles."

How so? Al Qaeda is decimated & Bin Laden is dead. The ME is the usual mess. Nothing new there except that we will be energy independent soon enough and the ME oil states are toast.

"And yet to you somehow it's all the Republicans' fault. I think every Republican in Congress could resign tomorrow and be replaced with liberal democrats who still wouldn't pass a budget and you'd find a way to blame the GOP."

Already done. The GOP resigned 4 years ago when Obama was elected. They spent the next 4 years sticking to archaic pledges in the face of a near depression and fought every attempt to right the ship, pretending that their answers were ordained from God and could not be compromised on.
As one of those resigning GOP senators said, the goal of the next 4 years is to remove Obama from office.
Well, another goal the GOP failed to achieve.
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