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Subject:  Re: OFF TOPIC: Twinkies Date:  11/18/2012  11:48 AM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  306445 of 312188

I'm sad to see Twinkies close their doors. But on EBAY the box of twinkies I saw someone bid go for $7,100 for 24 boxes of Twinkies and 2 boxes of Cupcakes.

I hope the buyer sticks it to them and don't pay.

It's not as though the buyer was suddenly handed a giant bill out of nowhere. The buyer agreed to pay (what I think is an insane amount of money) for something. The seller agreed to sell the product for that amount of money. This is part of the free enterprise/capitalism system.

Do you approve of stealing things and not paying for them? Or is it just irritation with people who are making money off something that is only desirable because it will shortly be unavailable?

Having said that, I think paying a lot of money for Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes is crazy. Certain bottles of wine sell for enormous amounts of money. On a couple of occasions I've read that people who are wine experts think that the wine inside those bottles has probably gone bad by now. The price has nothing to do with actual consumption or use.

Like people who pay a lot of money for a grilled cheese sandwich that appears to have a woman's face (identified as the Virgin Mary by people who never saw the Virgin Mary) on one side.

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