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Subject:  Re: Price-gouging laws suck Date:  11/18/2012  1:09 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  655823 of 876088

warrl wrote: 100% voluntary. Possession of an MD degree and medical license does not strip a person of his human rights. [...] If he chooses to offer his services to others, regardless of the conditions he puts on that service, it is clearly to the benefit of those who choose to meet those conditions. And those who do not choose to do so are no worse off than they would be if he packed up and left.

If you or your loved one were denied critical care (triage) because, in the circumstances described, such care went to the highest bidder, not the most criticallty stricken, I doubt you would blithely conclude, "Oh, well, supply and demand worked efficiently. My dying daughter didn't receive care because my neighbor's broken nose was more economically important to a physician merely exercising his human rights."

No, I would not put it in those terms.

But I also would not assert that I had a moral or legal right to enslave the physician and require him to serve in a manner of my choosing, without regard to his consent.

Or even to restrict him to serve either in a manner of my choosing or not at all.

The doctor has a right to refuse to serve one patient, and accept another, on such basis as HE chooses. I also have a right to patronize one willing doctor rather than another, on such basis as I choose.
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