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Subject:  Re: Crowder: 3 min. Explanation Palestine/Israel Date:  11/18/2012  1:17 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  655827 of 876087

That's an excellent video, but the practical reality is that the Israeli-Arab conflict is like the Hatfield-McCoy feud. After several decades, neither party knew what they were fighting about.

The Hatfield-McCoy feud was essentially over a few days after it began. For the next couple decades the two families were mildly miffed at each other but not enough so to really slow down intermarriage.

Then the formerly pretty much worthless valley became valuable due to discovery of some natural resource (coal I think) and suddenly two states CARED about precisely where in that valley the state line lay. The feud was resurrected by one of the states as a tool to justify sending in a significant police presence and thus to be the ones surveying the line.

That's the truth of that feud.

Too bad the situation in the Middle East isn't so simple.

(I've thought several times that absolute monarchy DOES offer one real advantage. Take Kashmir as an example. If the King of India offered his second son to be married to a daughter of the King of Pakistan, with both families ceding their interest and claim to Kashmir to the young couple and setting the disputed territory up as an independent kingdom, they could pretty much settle the dispute right there. After all, both sides would be winning. But because neither country is an hereditary absolute monarchy, this solution is not available.)
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