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Subject:  Re: Obama knew it was terror, lied anyway Date:  11/18/2012  3:59 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1838129 of 2204303

Yet, we came within a whisker of financial Armageddon, avoided only thanks to Bush/Paulson and his democratic team. That financial collapse also, in case you've conveniently forgotten, happened under the tax rates that the GOP thinks will create Armageddon if they are allowed to expire for the wealthy.
So much for that theory.

Theory? Actually, it's a number. Your understanding of the financial crisis seems to leave out a lot, but i've no motivation to fill in all the perverse incentives that date back to 1975. I invite you to do your own reading.

You need to learn a bit more about how DC works. Governing is a tough job but BLOCKING the other party from governing, even with a substantial minority, is fairly easy and the GOP showed us just how easy it is.

Fail. The GOP has passed legislation that will help. The democrats just talk and people like you eat it up. What was that about thinking for yourself, again? I'm not seeing much evidence of it.

As for the rest of you post: have at it. Enjoy the long lines.
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