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Subject:  Re: Why to avoid meat and fish fats Date:  11/18/2012  7:04 PM
Author:  sheila727 Number:  38047 of 45865

I was not aware of the need to avoid fish fats

All of the pollutants in the oceans and rivers are stored in fish fat, same as ingested pollutants that are stored in animal--and human--fat. The larger fish have the greatest concentration of pollutants because of their place higher up on the food chain. Fish that eat other fish ingest the pollutants they contain as well, so the large fish--like tuna and swordfish--have the accumulated pollutants of all the smaller fish that have been ingested by the fish they eat for their own food.

That's why fish oil has to be purified--ie, pollutants removed--before being turned into supplements.

That's why the advice is not to eat tuna more than....I forget whether it's once a week, or less.

And that's why the advice is to avoid farmed fish, because of the stuff all too often put into their food to do things like give their meat a nice color so it will appeal to consumers. You wouldn't believe what many of the farmed fish are fed!

Etc etc etc.

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