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Subject:  Re: Obama knew it was terror, lied anyway Date:  11/18/2012  8:35 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1838271 of 2207416

Never blamed tax rates for the crash. Never blamed Bush for the crash. Neither did I ever blame the GOP for the crash.

Right. You just feel compelled to bring them up every. single. time. Whatever you say.

What I DID point out was, simply, that the worst economic crash since the 1930's happened while the wealthy were paying taxes under Bush's lower rates. No cause & effect stated.

Except in your sentence structure. But you know that, and keep doing it anyway.

The real point being that the GOP was wrong to refuse to compromise on tax hikes the past 4 years. While 2008 didn't prove that lower rates caused the crash, it certainly makes a huge dent in the claim that the only way to turn this economy around is by never raising taxes.

Funny that even Barack Obama signed the BTC extension. Oh, well. SO much for your thesis.

We can also go back to 1993 & Bill Clinton. Higher tax rates were followed by an economic boom. While I prefer to keep rates low, I'd never have given up as much as the GOP did to keep them that way for a wealthy few. Anyone paying attention now knows that tax rates are not the be all and end all.

Indeed. And how ironic. Ironic that you probably typed your post on PC, the very device with which in combination with the spread of the internet created one of the greatest productivity booms among US workers and literally opened up a new sector for the economy to grow into...

...which created conditions that ALLOWED Bill Clinton to raise taxes. Dishonest liberals never acknowledge this macroeconomic fact, and I know you're not one of those, so why don't we drop the pretension that high tax rates caused an economic boom in the 90s?

Sometimes, you have to put away your ideology and look at the facts and the facts don't support the GOP's insane adherence to a policy dictated by Grover Norquist.

That's nice. And given the above...not terribly relevant.

Liberalism? Maybe not. Compromise? More likely. From TARP to default to the fiscal cliff, Americans have had far too many examples of DC's inability to govern in recent years.

Hey, I've now switched sides. The Republicans should roll over and give Obama everything. He. Wants. 100%.

What's on the horizon is coming anyway. Might as well have the GOP get out of the way and let Obama bring it all forward so he gets the blame.

AT any rate. I've indulged your penchant for blaming the GOP for every ant at every picnic. Still doesn't change the fact that the White House altered the CIA's talking points to exclude terrorism and then sent Rice out there with the cockamamie video story. But thanks for helping make my point about voters not holding Obama accountable. It's why I'm now rooting for 100% liberalism, worldwide.
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