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Subject:  Re: Obama mimics Olympic gymnast Date:  11/19/2012  8:50 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46280 of 73796

DOnna whines:"A case in point is Hurricane Sandy. Rather than do nothing, Romney could have taken a small portion of those millions of his dollars and started a relief effort, delivering supplies himself."

Really? DId Obama take any of his millions and donate them to victims of Sandy?

Did you do anything other than a publicity visit with Christie?

Did Michelle knit socks for the freezing masses on Long Island.

How stupid can your comments be?

You mean he should have wasted precious gas, hauling 'foodstuffs' from hundreds of miles away, inefficiently, over roads that were blocked, over bridges that were already horrendously backed up since tunnels and railroads were shut a sham display of 'charity'?

I'm sure he donated 10,000 times more money than you to charity last year, and likely made a donation 10,000 times more than you did to the Red Cross.

But why didn't you pick on Bill Gates (D) or Warren Buffet and their BILLIONS? Or Obama and his millions? Or Pelosi and her tens of millions?


Donna:" But, no. He continued campaigning. "

As FNMH would say: YOU LIED!

BOth he and Obama gave up campaigning for a few days.

Unlike Obama, Romney actually set up fund raising events for Sandy.


Donna:"I saw nothing constructive that he said or did for those suffering on the northeast coast. "

Did you see anything constructive in Obama's comments? Other than I'll take taxpayer money, and money from their kids and grandkids that I've borrowed to the tune of 16 trillion dollars, and send those trailers from FEMA where they are needed. Obama finds out, that FEMA just sold m