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Subject:  Re: Obama mimics Olympic gymnast Date:  11/19/2012  11:45 AM
Author:  Volucris Number:  46282 of 73713

Will Obama solve the deficit problem . . . that Bush created by giving away the surplus in tax give-aways?

Will Obama solve the foreign policy issues . . . that Bush-Cheney created by starting two wars and crowing about spreading Democracy to the Middle-East? >>

As usual, SalaryGuru thinks the United States, and George Bush in particular, are the font of the problems of the world.

No - that's probably not it.

What it is, is the incredibly powerful blinders republicans seem to wear when "their guy" is president.

Republicans preach fiscal responsibility, but they sure don't practice it. Bush was on of the worst debt mongers there has ever been. It takes a lot to try and recover from that disaster, especially when the sole mission of the republican party for the past four yeas has been to ensure that Obama was not re-elected, not governing the