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Subject:  Re: WMT Redux--Epitome of Shameful Date:  11/19/2012  5:13 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  868878 of 902373

I don't know about other board members, but given the choice of a career at WMT or moving to a centre with better employment prospects, I think I'd choose the option to move. In fact, come to think of it, that's exactly what I did do in real life - I moved away from a region with poor employment prospects to get a better job in another region.

Could you accept the idea that this is not something everyone can do? There are people with family obligations that require them to stay in Nowheresville, there are people who are having trouble gathering the funds to afford the move (because you can't move for free; usually you have to save up enough money for a place to stay while you job hunt, even if you find something the third day of your search) and there are some other situations that make moving impossible.

Having said that, yes, a lot of people have a defeatist attitude and don't know how to do something other than what they are doing now. I've got a whole flock of cousins who can't move beyond the town where they are in. My mother grew up there, and I always teased her that she married the first guy from out of town.

So yes, some people just won't push to do something bigger and better than what they have now.

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