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Subject:  Re: Petraeus Shuts McCain Up Date:  11/19/2012  8:58 PM
Author:  proton500 Number:  1838688 of 2210790

Dope:..I've never seen so many PA liberals completely break down with regards to critical thinkin...oh, wait. Yes I have.

That really isn't going to fly. 85% of your side of the aisle believe we descended from people who walked down a gangplank 4,000 years ago, after tending to the goats, iguanas and the other 50 million known species of animals; all of which were walking distance to Noah's house.

This Benghazi affair is tragic. Embassies anyplace can be made fortresses but that says something negative to the citizens that you are there to work with. I would put it up to the people: If you want us to leave we will close it and leave, if you want us to stay and build trusting relationships, then you rat out the culprits when ever possible.

Let's see, which is more likely: Obama knowingly did something against the best interest of the country, or the rightwing world is desperately in need of an issue on which they can vent their anger and righteous indignation? And what do you know, here comes FOS News to the rescue. They will profitably fill eager eyes and ears with a never ending Benghazi controversy of some kind even if they have to hire writers, currently doing soap opera and supermarket sleaze stints, to whip up the gullible and downright mindless into a rabid foam. But what they do is nothing new.

"A lie makes it half way around the world before the truth can put its shoes on." Mark Twain

Oh, and about that liberals and critical thinking slam you keep repeating:

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