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Subject:  Re: WMT Redux--Epitome of Shameful Date:  11/19/2012  11:12 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  868895 of 902378

how many of these imaginary people work at Walmart?

Why do you look down your nose, all three of you, and sneer that this sort of event never takes place? That instead, everyone has the capacity to walk out of high school and walk directly into a great job in the nearest big city?

Some people do indeed end up trapped by parental demands. They take what jobs they can get and support their mother or father until years have passed. If you've never known anyone this has happened to, perhaps you should broaden your horizons a bit.

This happens in small towns and in large cities. Obviously kids in bigger towns have more resources available, and may be able to get better wages. But yes, it happens.

In order of posts and responses:

Stubblejumper said that if people in small towns wanted better jobs they should move away. I said not everyone had that opportunity. Metro started ranting about entitlement beliefs. Stubblejumper said that people who didn't move away were clearly too scared to move out on their own. I said that some had family problems, and you announced that they were imaginary.

It's wonderful that the three of you live in a perfect world. No one ever has family obligations, no one ever makes mistakes and is trapped by them. If they had a kid, they can walk out and let someone else deal with it. If their parent is sick, too bad. No one ever loves their parents or kids and wants to take care of them. But in the world I live in, people have responsibilities and live up to them. People care about the members of their family and take care of them.

I didn't jump on the Walmart condemnation bandwagon. I'm not demanding great wages for lousy work. Yes, Walmart often treats its employees badly, but so do a lot of other large retail operations. A lot of people use Walmart as a symbol of large retailers that move into small towns and drive other stores out of business. They aren't the only ones to do this, but it's easier to say Walmart rather than running down the whole list.

The only point I was trying to make is that not everyone can afford to leave a small town and move to a big city to look for a better paying job. (And let's face it: without better skills kids are going to get the same lousy wages in the city, and the cost of living will be much higher). And the three of you jumped down my throat, insisting that everyone can walk away from family obligations, that wanting high wages in a small town shows an entitlement attitude, (did I ask for high wages in a small town? No), and that any kid who tries to be a responsible family member is a figment of my imagination.


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