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Subject:  Re: WMT Redux--Epitome of Shameful Date:  11/20/2012  10:45 AM
Author:  Brooklyn1948 Number:  868910 of 902431

But in the world I live in, people have responsibilities and live up to them. People care about the members of their family and take care of them

Your post was spot on. Everyone's experience is different. I happen to live in a big city. But even in a big city jobs are being lost by the tens of thousands. Large corporations are making their employees work ridiculously long hours with no extra compensation. When I tell people that DH works 7-7 they usually say, OH, I guess he's getting overtime. No such thing as overtime in his line of work. If you're not working twelve hours a day, you're not working! We will be leaving this big city in a few months for a small town in New England so that we can be closer to our children and grandchildren. We want and need to be close to family.
And people who live in small towns more often than not cannot afford to move away. We lived paycheck to paycheck for the first ten years of our marriage. We focused soley on putting a roof over our heads and food on the table. To make it in a big city one has to be really competitive. There was a time when only college grads from ivy league schools were even considered in some areas of the company that DH works for. Now in this bad economy they want to pay people much less money so no longer is it necessary to have graduated from one of the top schools. It's all about getting the most from people while paying them less and less and less. I do notice that the CEO gets more and more and more every year.
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