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Subject:  Re: Thomas Sowell on the unions killing Hostess Date:  11/20/2012  2:14 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  656142 of 876033

"Cute story, but it has absolutely nothing to do with bakers' strike. And Hostess's problem wasn't costs. The unions had already agreed to $100 million of cost-cutting... only to watch management reward themselves with big bonuses and then, three years later, demand more concessions from the unions. Hostess's problem is too much debt, declining revenue and sales, things the workers and their unions have absolutely no control over."

Joke, joke.... the unions have ALL the control over 'work rules' that required that Hostess maintain two truck fleets. ONe to deliver 'bread'. One to deliver 'cake'.

They would not give on that.

Of course, that was likely 1000 jobs, but no...the unions insisted...that trucks run half empty, that you could not carry Wonder Bread and Twinkies in the same matter how thin the route....or the fact that some of each were delivered to thousands of 7-11 stores.

Sorry......the unions pretty much did themselves in.

That, and the Bloombergs of the world deciding what you could and could not eat.

He's a big democrat by the way. A big liberal. A big Nanny State type.

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