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Subject:  Re: Ethical question part two Date:  11/20/2012  3:16 PM
Author:  moggiemac Number:  49016 of 49684

Hey all,

So it turns out that my boss has not been talking to me because the 'details of the events have become blurry'. He's basically saying he can not tell if I solicited the client or they solicited me. A bit later on he says that they have to determine if the act is in clear violation of the employment agreement and if they wish to act on it.

He goes on to state that they do not wish to 'cut our relationship short' and look forward to 'our mutually bright future'.

Oh heck.

I wrote him back a long email with my account and tried to be as fair and impartial as I could. I took blame for not being more forthwright with the client when turning them down and for not finding it easy to turn down a direct request for help. I also reiterated that I turned down a very substantial amount of money and a great commute (one that costs me more than the raise would offset).

I think the long and the short of it is that some one at the client site sold me out, and that there is no raise in my future.

I should never have come to him with this. I should have either taken the job or not, but I should not have tried to have it both ways.

Yeesh, another lesson learned.
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