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Subject:  Re: Cartoon of the day Date:  11/20/2012  3:57 PM
Author:  MadCapitalist Number:  656165 of 876373

Ron Paul would follow the Constitution, and Congress would decide whether or not to declare war.
Well let me cut to the brass tacks then, what would a congress full of Ron Pauls and Gary Johnsons say about selling missile defenses to Israel, or weapons? And if say Iran nuked half of Israel would Ron Paul and the Ron Paul congress help defend our trading partner or would we wait and then trade with the winner? If Israel is too polarizing imagine Italy instead. I'm not being a smart-ass, although i have the capacity <g>, i'm really trying to understand the libertarian viewpoint.

I have no idea what Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would do.

Israel already has nuclear weapons, so they can defend themselves.
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