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Subject:  Re: Thomas Sowell on the unions killing Hostess Date:  11/21/2012  2:23 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  656380 of 841225

1poorguy:" For example, even I as a white-collar professional am limited because my industry is not everywhere."

That was your choice to go into that industry. Right? And in many cases, jobs change and you need to change. We don't need too many DOS programmers or Pascal programmers these days. Or even ADA. If your job skills don't improve or you don't learn current technology, you limit your horizons.


1poorguy: " There are distinct locations where my skill-set might be usable (a bit in Phoenix, some in Austin, some in Oregon, etc)."

That's better than none.


"For blue-collar it is worse (not only because of location-specific jobs, but also because their skills are not usually difficult to replace so they have no negotiating power at all)."

Really? Talk to a lot of employers. It's hard to find reliable, hard working folks for lots of jobs. There are lots who sort of show up for work, but don't want to really work but just sit around all day and collect a paycheck.


1poorguy:"Certainly I agree that people are more mobile, often (even perhaps usually) leaving the places of their birth. "

LOts go off to college and say goodbye to their home town. I grew up in NNJ...went to college in upstate NY.....went looking for a job in NJ as well as elsewhere. The best job was in IL. The second best was in the Boston suburbs. The lowest paid offer was in NJ. The reason folks said NJ was low paying was 'folks who were there didn't want to move out and thus labor was 'cheaper'. I took the higher paying job doing what I wanted to do in IL.

3 years later,