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Subject:  Re: What were blacks thinking? Date:  11/24/2012  9:46 AM
Author:  captainccs Number:  65505 of 97373

As I suggest? I'm just parroting back the standard ultra-conservative party line. I tried to do it in a way to make it sound too absurd to believe, but apparently I didn't succeed.

I just wanted to make sure no one got the idea that it was my idea. Thanks for clearing that up.

Clinton received 84% of the black vote, Gore got 92%, Kerry got 88%. Obama's 93% isn't such a huge bump from those numbers. Race doesn't appear to be a major factor there.

That's an interesting statistic and relevant to the thread. Thanks!

78% of Mormons voted for Romney. Are you equally appalled by that, or do you just consider them an abnormally intelligent group? :-)

Had I know about it, yes, I might have a similar reaction. I say "might" because, as far as I know, I have never interacted with a Mormon. I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but am somewhat appalled by Mr. Smith's Mormon religious practices.

On the other hand, I have had a lot of contact and dealings with black people. Professionally my second boss was black and he was arguably the best one I ever had. My boss at Colgate-Palmolive was black and he later became my business partner. Venezuela has a large black population and we have been electing black presidents long before the USA ever did. While some people display a marked dislike for blacks they are the exception. Racial integration is us. I've sailed the Caribbean extensively for several decades and I've seen the transformations happening. In the 1960s there was a terrible segregation in Trinidad, whites, blacks and east indians. They have since learned to live together. Grenada was another interesting experience. In 1967 I was badly treaded by a black fellow there. By 2000 racial harmony had taken over. The only place where I was actually threatened by a black man for being white was in the USA, in the American Virgin Island of St. Thomas around the year 2000. Another interesting experience was Haiti where full blacks discriminate against mulattos which also happens in the USA.

Venezuela has a very mixed ancestry of while, black, native plus a sprinkling of this and that, the later arrivals -- much more of a melting pot than the USA. Unlike the Pilgrims, the Conquistadors didn't bring white women to the New World. During the colony the Creoles wanted to get royal grants but the Spanish crown was totally racist, any blemish on your family tree made you ineligible. The records were kept by the church. The Creoles who wanted to get ahead practiced "improving the race" usually by two means: marrying their offspring to lilly white mates and bribing the clergy to erase blemishes from the family tree.

Over forty years of observing mankind and reading relevant history shows me that while in many places the races have learned to live together in the USA the tension remains palpable and the blacks themselves contribute to it, specially by the urging of the Democrat party. Anti-discrimination became a system of quotas, of reverse discrimination which is no better than the social illness it tries to cure.

BTW, I too am a descendant of a persecuted minority but I have made my peace with my persecutors. It took me a while but less than two generations. Factoid: Germany provides the U boats to Israel.

To get back to your question, as long as the Democrats continue to play the race cards, racism will remain alive and well in America. Did Romeny play the Mormon card? No. Does the GOP play the religion card? Yes, and it's as evil as the Democrat race card. People really should vote the issues, not the skin color or the faith. Self interest most certainly is what elections are all about. But self interest centered around skin color or faith is terrible.

Denny Schlesinger
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