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Subject:  Re: Laptop use abroad for novices Date:  11/24/2012  1:56 PM
Author:  Watty56 Number:  19104 of 23556

...I've heard of programs that store all your passwords on a USB. The program then populates the password fields of your various websites. That foils keyboard loggers. Never used such a thing, but it sounds like a good idea. ...

For other people that might know what keyboard loggers are there are at least three types;

1) A small device that can be plugged in between your keyboard and computer. It will record every key that you press.

2) A software version of this that also records all the keys that you press. It may also record all the screens from the websites that you see.

3) A hidden camera can also create a video of what you are seeing and keying. This can also get the information when you are using your own laptop or tablet at some place with WiFi like a Starbucks. This is also a problem with ATM’s since once they have your PIN you might be mugged to get your ATM card.

There are various strategies that basically involve cutting and pasting your password from a different document or program so that you never have to actually type your password.

It is far from foolproof but one option to avoid the first type of logging is to not key your password on the screen but instead use an onscreen keypad to "type" your password by clicking on the virtual keypad. On my windows computer it is found under Start/all programs/accessories/ease of access/popup keypad.
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