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Subject:  Re: What were blacks thinking? Date:  11/24/2012  4:56 PM
Author:  Carpian Number:  65512 of 97324

Over forty years of observing mankind and reading relevant history shows me that while in many places the races have learned to live together in the USA the tension remains palpable and the blacks themselves contribute to it, specially by the urging of the Democrat party. Anti-discrimination became a system of quotas, of reverse discrimination which is no better than the social illness it tries to cure.

I think there are a lot of different perceptions of the state of racial harmony in the US. I have seen allegations of persecution that I felt were overblown or outright falsehoods, and certainly if one is inclined to want to blame someone else for one's own dissatisfaction with their life, and one is a member of a minority, that is an avenue that is readily available. On the other hand, I don't doubt there are many legitimate instances of discrimination and racial profiling as well.

I live in southern California, where there is a lot of diversity and in the circles I run in, I feel things are pretty good for the most part and getting better. But I recently spent a few days in St. Louis, where my observation of the limited segment of the culture that I saw was an overwhelming system of blacks serving whites. The bus drivers, hotel staff, food staff, airport porters, etc. were virtually all blacks and serving a white clientele. In that situation, and given the overall history of treatment of blacks in the US, I don't begrudge any black person for wanting to see another black person in power, to give them some symbol of hope for change.

The overriding issue facing the US these days seems to be how to get the political parties to work together to some reasonable extent, or at least to be civil to each other--although I know you've said you like political gridlock, Denny. :-) But as long as the conservatives hold on to the view that people mainly supported Obama for inane reasons like his race or that they are lazy, stupid, good-for-nothings (that's my paraphrase again of the view that even Romney expressed in his infamous "47%" remark), what possibility exists of any kind of working together? How do we get from there to where we need to go? It would be great if discussions, editorials, etc. going forward on the national stage could focus on how to best solve the many problems we face, rather than focusing on what idiots Obama's supporters are.
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