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Subject:  Re: Lions got robbed Date:  11/24/2012  9:08 PM
Author:  AOLFoolman100 Number:  92949 of 105054

There ya go. It is one thing to move the ball between the 20s, or pile up stats against the league's bottom feeders. It is a whole other issue to avoid the big mistake or somehow get the key first down.

As I noted, Romo has these moments that sometimes leaves you scratching your head. Why did he throw the ball there? Why didn't he just scramble for the FD? And so on.

When the game is on the line and a clutch play is needed, he seems to all-too-frequently not make it.

I'm not disputing your claim, but I wonder whether we can put this claim that Romo is great but "unable to perform in the clutch" into numbers?? Is this quantifiable? Or do we just go by feeling that Romo sucks "in the clutch". My guess is that many other very "above average" quarterbacks do the same thing. Is Romo any worse? I really don't know.....I would love to see numbers (if it's possible to back this back).

Dallas Texas - BTW, I have lived here for the last several years, I have almost watched every Cowboy game, although I hate them - is a huge football market. 6-7 million population in the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex. Like New York City, (whether football, baseball, or basketball), when teams don't perform to expectations, hell rains down on the team.....and in the case of football, and esp football, who's the supposed leader?? The QB. His flaws are exaggerated. And nation wide, he's the center of attention, when other areas of the team should be.

Again, Romo's numbers show that his contributions are up there....waaaaay up there. That is fact. The stats back that up. Now, what stats are there that "in inopportune times, he doesn't perform", (i.e. choking) compared to the misplays of the rest of the team or coaching decisions.....I would love to see these stats if possible.

Again, my claim is that yes, Romo isn't exactly John Elway, but over the last several years, OTHER elements of the team.....defense, running game, coaching, owner are the reason for their downfall.

Show me numbers....
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