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Subject:  Re: Mini Bummer Date:  11/25/2012  5:55 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18076 of 20017

b1948:"The WWII generation got a sweet deal from Medicare and Social Security, but those days are long gone."

They also got a sweet deal in that at least half of them got company, state, or federal pensions, and lots got Veterans benefits as well.

That was the deal back then.

BUt don't whine too much. Food used to consume much more of the family budget. Most WW2 folks could not afford two cars and each car ate up a lot more in maintenance per year. Two tune ups a year. A car lasted 60K miles and 100K was almost unheard of. Tires lasted 20K miles. You needed a new muffler every 18 months. You had to change the 'points' in the car.

TV was black and white with dozens of tubes in them - and they burned out regularly costing you to get them repaired. Then color TV came along and it cost a lot of money and had lots of tubes.

If you had heart problems, you probably were 'just managed'. There was no bypass surgery......that came later..maybe you lasted long enough to benefit from it and all the medicines developed.

You had a good chance of getting polio...the vaccine didn't arr