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Subject:  Re: Facts are stubborn things Date:  11/29/2012  12:10 PM
Author:  JoelCairo Number:  1840958 of 2207014

In 1962 Entitlements were 31% of the budget today they are 61.9% (well if we had a budget). In the same time period defense spending was 49.2% of the budget, today it's 18.7%

So? Do you really think a comparison of 1962 and 2012 is apples vs apples?

More like apples vs oranges.

1962 wasn't a bad year, was it? Oh yes, the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the Cold War. And way higher tax rates. And no Medicare. And a lower portion of the population on Social Security. And higher taxes.

I bet if we go back to the tax structure of 1962, the other problems would be solved.

We spend too much it's that simple. You want to increase revenuem just work towards more letting the private sector create more jobs. More people paying in, and less taking out. You can help industries without touching taxes...get rid of some regulations (notice the word some not all).

Sorry. Your party is responsible for the reason so many employed people pay only FICA taxes. Now you blame them for not paying taxes? Can't have it both ways.

See, your view that its simply a matter of spending too much means you abdicate such values as patriotism, caring for the needy, protecting public health and safety, making those who cause problems pay to fix them.

Your logic says bring back unregulated garment factories to this country, where the people who die in their fires are American.

Oh wait, that happened a century ago, and our society decided it was a bad deal, so they added the "burden" of regulation on the factory owners. Too bad you reject that society has such a responsibility at all.

Whoever said you were "entitled" not to pay your fair share, as the society and country which protects and supports you, makes possible your vast wealth, determines is necessary in order to provide the same opportunities for everyone?
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