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Subject:  Copper and silver rings Date:  11/30/2012  2:44 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  46464 of 117708

My niece that makes jewelry for a living shared this on facebook. It's quite interesting. There are pictures at the link of what happens over a period of time as the rings are worn.

Copper and silver rings may not be such a good idea.
by binnion on November 23, 2012

"When you join two metals together in a ring beyond your aesthetic creation you also create something that under the right circumstances can destroy all your work. Two metals joined together in the presence of an electrolyte create an electrolytic cell which is in essence a battery. In a ring the electrolyte is provided by the water you constantly expose your hands to through washing, sweat, swimming etc. One of the metals will be more electrically positive or anodic and one will be more electrically negative or cathodic. The the difference between these poles is measured in volts. When exposed to the electrolyte the anode will dissolve and supply ions to the electrolyte. Just like electroplating or electroetching. The higher the voltage the greater the activity and the faster the anode will dissolve."

Pictures and full story can be read at the link:

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