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Subject:  Re: Facts are stubborn things Date:  11/30/2012  8:58 PM
Author:  MadCapitalist Number:  1841321 of 2207752

MC It's irrelevant. The fact remains that many Democrats voted for huge deficits, so giving them a free pass is asinine.

Jeez! I'm not giving ANYONE a free pass, and I have no love for Democrats per se. (I mean that. In my life I have considered myself a Republican, a libertarian, a Green, but never a Democrat.)

You wrote:

So what caused us to pile up 16 trillion dollars in debt? Reaganomics, Bush tax cuts, and two unfunded wars.

Facts are stubborn things.


According to you, these are what caused us to pile up 16 trillion dollars in debt. You made it very clear. You omitted everything that Democrats have done. You gave Democrats a free pass.

Why did Democrats suddenly decide to vote for even more spending than they had in the past? Beats me.

If you have no more interest than that in why this nation went from paying down debt over 35 years to increasing debt over 32 years, than you are either stupid or incurious or terminally biased.


Don't give me that nonsense! You can't explain it either! How am I supposed to know why our politicians no longer think that it is important for us to run balanced budgets?

Besides, I'm not a Republican. I don't vote Republican. I don't support Republicans. I don't agree with their platform or policies. I was just pointing out that Democrats are horrible, which is something that you absolutely refuse to acknowledge!

Once again, you made it clear what caused us to accumulate 16 trillion in debt -- Republican policies! This is obviously wrong, but you don't care!
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