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Subject:  Re: Facts are stubborn things Date:  12/1/2012  1:09 AM
Author:  Umm Number:  1841359 of 2211232

"Has there *ever* been a budget passed where Congress didn't vote it into law? Because I'm pretty sure that it would be illegal."

Nice dodge.

I know you really, really, really want to ignore the obvious but I am not going to let you. Invert your question. What you should be asking is:

Has congress ever passed a budget that has not made it into law?

Hint: Yes it has. Why didn't those budgets make it into law even though it passed both the House and Senate?

"Or are you of the school that believes that Congressmen -- or at least Democratic Congressmen -- shouldn't be held accountable for the way they vote?"

Are you of the school that has to make up dishonest positions to attribute to your opponents because you cannot deal with their actual ones? Sure looks like it because I never, ever said anything like that.

"Face facts. Each Congressman that voted for a budget that has a deficit is partially responsible for that deficit. And that *includes* Democratic Congressmen."

Face facts indeed. Perhaps you might want to link to any post where anyone has said this is not true, otherwise you are creating a strawman.

Now back to the actual arguments being made. Are you able to grasp the basic reasons that presidents are far more powerful (and therefore far more responsible) for the budgets? I know you are not dumb so it is not intelligence that is holding you back from grasping these basic facts, must be ideological blindness.
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