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Subject:  Re: Investment Income Surtax Date:  12/2/2012  11:55 AM
Author:  ferjen Number:  117042 of 123001

A W-4 is for adjusting your income tax withholding, not for making estimated tax payments. (Those are done with Form 1040-ES.) I'm pretty the IRS is saying you can adjust your income tax withholding to account for this additional tax.

From the website:

Will I need to make estimated tax payments for Additional Medicare Tax?

If you anticipate that you will owe Additional Medicare Tax but will not satisfy the liability through Additional Medicare Tax withholding and did not request additional income tax withholding using Form W-4, you may need to make estimated tax payments. You should consider your estimated total tax liability in light of your wages, other compensation, and self-employment income, and the applicable threshold for y