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Subject:  Re: Dupont breaks ground on Cellulosic ethanol Date:  12/2/2012  2:30 PM
Author:  pauleckler Number:  18064 of 18727

Telegraph, I think the question of collection of corn stover has pretty well been worked out. They have been experimenting with that aspect while working on the enzymes problem.

At present, the combine chops up the corn stover and spreads it on the field behind the combine. Adding a wagon to collect it should not be difficult. There is also talk of baling corn stover into large round bales. Those can be stacked in the field for easy storage until needed at the plant.

Costs should be compared to that of baled straw. Plus shipping costs. Farmers see it as an additional source of income. It is a crop now discarded. It probably degrades on the field mostly to carbon dioxide. Potash and phosphate stay on the field, not sure about nitrogen.

Yes, cost of collection, shipping and replacement fertilizer need to be considered. But this an additional crop from the same land that does not reduce corn production. Those aspects have to be quite an improvement compared to corn based ethanol. But slower processing and higher plant investment work against that standard.

The risks are there. We will have to see how this all comes out. If anyone has the resources to do it right, Dupont is the likely winner.
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