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Subject:  Re: That Obama is a Cheeky Ba%$ard Date:  12/3/2012  11:20 AM
Author:  Stonewashed Number:  1841857 of 2207700

As opposed to the Republican "offer" which is non-existent.

Obama is doing the right thing . . . finally. You can't negotiate with "no". Republicans have offered nothing but opposition to progress. Let them make a counter offer that they will actually pass. Until they do, Obama's proposal is the only one on the table. And until they offer something other than, "no", then Obama should not offer anything else. Why negotiate with yourself? Why try to guess what the Republicans might actually support? The Republicans have proved that they can't pass anything. Boehner is leader in name only.

The truth of the matter is that Boehner can't offer anything because the Republicans don't agree on anything. They are out of control. The only thing Boehner can guarantee he can get a majority to vote for is "no". As long the the Republicans can't offer an actual proposal that they can pass, they are irrelevant.


As if the "other party" cares about progress of any sort except political points.

So here we are, both parties, pretty much agreeing that "over the cliff we shall go", both hoping the other party gets blamed for it, but taxes and hidden taxes will go up, salaries and benefits will go down (except for government workers of course who will thrown under the bus later when their cities and states go bankrupt, if there is no one left to tax), big corporations be they Democrat or Republican supporters will still have their preferred loopholes and the rest of us can go to hell while they move on to exploit the next third world country, so we call all have cheap iphones.

So what am I voting for? Best actor(ress) or best supporting actor(ress).

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