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Subject:  Re: A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions Date:  12/3/2012  12:14 PM
Author:  MDGluon Number:  414159 of 507867

Given the tumultuous century that we just lived through, and the breakneck pace of modernization in the former "Third World", these graphs all look reassuringly stable to me. One could easily argue that they should show far more instability

Yet do not many of the graphs, or the underlying measureable (like food generation) depend highly on a stable climate?

And if the climate becomes more variable, destructive, and un-predictable would not the charts become useless? Except as history of past stable climate that is.

We have a certain amount of elasticity in our systems, food, energy, and water yet most of the predictions/ideas/hypothesis on the results of a major climate shift (towards hotter/drier) indicate we quickly chew up that margin.

Especially without some amount of worldwide cooperation.

Also crop yields are very dependent on climate (rainfall, temperatures, etc.) and depend heavily on artificial fertilizers which are made from Natural Gas and have seen large increases in cost. Poorer countries are dropping artificial fertilizers at a rapid rate because they no longer can subsidize the fertilizers for the small farmers...and large mono-culture agri-biz is not always suited to the climates, cultures, or economic levels of many countries.

Or so it seems from my studies of the last few years.

The Green revolution (and artificial fertilizers) bought us a respite not a certainty.

More grist for the mill as far as ideas.

md (Do we even track soil productivity worldwide anymore?)
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