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Subject:  Re: OT Date:  12/3/2012  5:27 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  23987 of 26618

I estimate a good in state school at $30K/year all in. Stanford is $60K/year. (In today's $$).

I don't see that a Stanford education experience is 2x better.

not 2x but maybe 1.73 ?

..... it's not solely about the education and depends what you want to do.

smaller classes with "world class" profs (research-wise, not necessarily teacher-wise)

going to a Stanford is a plus if applying for grad school
can be a plus when applying for job
can mean meeting/knowing/competing with the best and the brightest
[ the kids who built Google, e.g.
my cousin went to Harvard and likes to point out that just from his *class*: for Nobel Prizes, a US VP, and two Oscar winners ]

can be useful at parties: people will 'assume' you're smart, rich, or arrogant (two of the smartest people i've known went to Stanford: a law school buddy and his wife; two of the most arrogant people i've known went to Harvard; i don't know any rich people)

... and easy for ME to say since i don't have kids to put through school <g>

*disclosure: i live about 2 miles from Stanford, have been in their hospital, and they rejected my applications 4 times
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