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Subject:  Re: West Is Best: Protected Lands Promote Jobs.. Date:  12/4/2012  8:35 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46540 of 117708

What? You expect us to take seriously a document by 'Headwaters'?

There up among the top eco-whack groups like the Save the Whales idiots.....

The west prospered because it had natural resources. Primary wealth comes from resources being mined/used. Cutting down trees and selling lumber. Mining coal and metals and gold.

People didn't run to California and Nevada because there were lots of trees to gaze at. The didn't migrate to the PNW because there's lots of rain there. To the PNW, they moved initially because of the fur trade. Gazillions of dollars in pelts, shipped mostly to Europe.

Then mining.......silver, gold, uraninium. Things we still need today. Now oil.....and natural gas from 'the west'.

Same for TX....texas main industry was logging - a million acres of forests...still there today....then oil was discovered. And the economy is chugging along because of oil and natural gas which built most of the infrastructure of the state.

Folks didn't move to TX to gaze at sand dunes.

This is a prime case of liberal progressive eco-whackism at work. Now that they 'have theirs' they want to keep everyone out so they can gaze at the forest or deserts (most 'federal land' in NV, if you have ever been there - is nothing but desert)......and their navels at the same time.

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