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Subject:  Re: Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change Date:  12/4/2012  8:39 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46541 of 116341

page not found.....

apparently yanked for one reason or another.

you are right.

Going back to 1820s living will not do a thing. Well, if you stop emitting carbon totally today......the rise in sea level in 2100 will be exactly , precisely, 1 inch less than if we do nothing.

That's 1 inch out of 2 feet.

So let's all give up our cars, our houses, move to yurts heated by solar panels and magic energy beads yet to be invented, grow 90% of all our own food, and trade with each other with magical wampum save the planet. of course, 90% of us would have to voluntarily croak since without the use of carbon fuels, we could not get enough food for 'all' of us. But that shouldn't be a problem for liberals to resolve.

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