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Subject:  Re: Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change Date:  12/4/2012  9:41 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  46545 of 117539

"And not only that, but as the planet changes, people will reduce in numbers due to the catastrophic changes (perhaps in 25 to 50 years), which will help to slow the changes somewhat. This is not the end of mankind but the end of an era." - lindytoes

You know what's going to cure climate change? Peak oil. There are bazillions of cars out there. I swear to god! Have you seen the traffic? Driven on the expressway? I think there are more cars than there are people.

No way can we keep driving all the motor vehicles that we drive and not use up all the oil eventually. It may take a hundred more years but eventually the Earth will run out of petroleum. It can't be an infinite resource.

And you know what's going to cure over population? Peak Oil. Food, for all practical purposes, is made out of cheap energy in the form of oil. When the oil runs out so will the mountains of cheap food we currently produce.

Humans are just animals and like all animals they reproduce to fit the available food supply. When the food is gone so will all the excess humans. It's sort of like a nut year for hardwood trees. When they produce a lot of nuts there are a lot of squirrels but when there is a lean year and not too many nuts then the squirrel population naturally thins out.

Like my momma used to say, "when it's gone, it's gone!"

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