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Subject:  Re: Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change Date:  12/4/2012  2:24 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  46562 of 117690

"The Peak Oil theory that the Tea-Baggers have been thumping for years has been debunked. Just as it's often happened in the past, an innovative combination of existing technologies (horizontal drilling and chemical fracturing) has greatly increased our proven reserves. US oil production is forecast to exceed Saudi Arabia by 2020.

More oil production = more global warming" - intercst

That's good to know that it's going to last at least as long as I do but there can't be an endless supply, especially with the bazillions of cars we have on the road. Have you been out in rush hour traffic? It's unbelievable.

I mean if the Earth were completely made out of oil at some point we got to run out? The constant stream of traffic on the expressways and freeways is mind boggling, especially when you consider the giant SUV's and trucks that are on the roads.

And one of my pet peeves most of these giant gas guzzlers have only one person in them. People talk about buying vans and SUVs and Trucks to haul their families around but most of the time, if you look around, there is only one person in the car.

And if I could afford it I'd buy and even smaller more fuel efficient car than the one I'm driving. I wish the Scion I.Q. got better gas mileage than it does. Or the Smart Car. If they got 50 miles to the gallon I'd be tempted to buy one.

I'm sort of saving up to buy a Prius C; maybe like after I start social security? I don't know. The problem is my car is paid for and it only has 53,000 miles on it and runs fine and gets decent gas mileage 31/37 and I only drive like 5,000 miles a year so the damn thing will probably last me till I'm 70 and I probably won't live a whole lot longer after that anyway. Sigh!

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