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Subject:  Re: Raising Medicare Age Saves $5.7B Date:  12/4/2012  4:10 PM
Author:  sykesix Number:  46568 of 117712

Even so, Medicare is a strawman for the problem of rising health care costs.

The Medicare solution is in reality a game of three card monte to see who foots the rising costs: 1) providers who accept lower payments and eat costs, 2) supplemental insurance companies (who will charge higher premiums, 3) patients, or 4) some combination of the above.

Driving out waste, fraud, and abuse is a good start, but means to keep health care costs within guidelines is the real need.

That's the part that of the Republican position that I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around. Obamacare has several mechanisms for medical cost control. Medicare is shifting towards outcome based payments instead of procedure based. Results of medical outcomes will be studied and depth and procedures will be recommended (not mandated, recommended) based on what works in the real world. Cadillac health plans will no longer be subsidized through the tax code. None of those are complete solutions, but all good first steps to controlling health care costs, yet improving outcomes.

Paul Ryan's plan is to get rid of all of those cost control measures and push people to private insurance, which is more expensive. In order words, he wants to take concrete steps to drive up costs faster.

What good does that do anybody?
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