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Subject:  Re: Dupont breaks ground on Cellulosic ethanol Date:  12/4/2012  4:49 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18073 of 18729

paul:"Range Fuels. Let's not forget this is one of those syngas plants. And there was a problem with their technology. They did not work out a successful conversion process."

heh heh....same for all the battery plants that 'failed'. They had 'problems with their technology'. A123 battery is the biggest fiasco. Started with MIT developed nano-technology for the electrodes. Worked fine as long as you didn't want the battery to deliver surge currents, like when you stepped on the accelerator ....heh heh.....known problem but they never could 'fix it'....


Paul:"Use of wood waste has the problem that huge quantities are needed. And large quantities usually competes with other uses like lumber or paper. Hence, the fuel is not inexpensive."

Actually, in GA, they had tons and tons of scrap just costs 'too much' to HAUL it, and of course, they 'had problems with their technology'...LOL....


Paul:"That is the advantage of switchgrass or weeds raised on otherwise marginal lands. "

No..that is an even worse problem since the density of biomass per square mile is so much lower. Your harvesting and transportation costs skyrocket as the 'marginal lands' don't produce much. Which is exactly they are marginal now.


Paul:"Or of true waste byproducts like corn stover or wheat straw. "

YOu deprive the soil of 'bio material' by not plowing it back it. You have to plow some of it back in, otherwise your land turns to dust in a few years Farmers know that. Folks always seem to forget that. Worse, if you don't return some of the nitrogen to the soil, that is more fossil fuel fertilizer you have to use to get the land to produce.

Paul:"Collection methods are already in place. They merely need to be adapted to the needs of the ethanol industry. "

and for the economics (!) and the technology to 'work out' (!).

It seems that nearly all of these fail because of 'technology problems' that limits throughput, reliability, and economics.....

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