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Subject:  Re: Hello There! Date:  12/4/2012  5:20 PM
Author:  ems79 Number:  306476 of 312185

How is everyone else doing?

I'm free of credit card debt. The only loans I have are on my car (under $5K) and my home (and I have about 22% equity based on other houses sold in the area).

My fiance and I split a year ago next month... a year or so before that (when things were happy and we were looking at flowers and venues), we choose (and I bought) a home we could grow a family into in a nice suburb with good schools ... Now I'd like to sell it because emotionally I don't want to be there, and financially it's a heavy burden to carry when I don't need that space. I won't get back what I put in to it because many of the improvements were for livability and long term savings (like windows, doors, insulation, etc)...

My company is planning lay offs which have me nervous. If I lose my job before selling the house it will put me into a bad position, I'd need to find a similar paying job within ~6 months or I'd be in trouble, though I'm not counting unemployment.

I just paid all the up front insurance/service costs for heating oil deliveries ($400)... my new ceiling price ($4.00/G) for delivery means that it turns out that I've been under-saving for it over the past year, so if I need more than 600G this season (which is possible) I will come up short--not a big deal, but I like I staying in budget.

The car needs a timing belt soon.

I gained 5lbs in the past month too, which puts me about 20-25lbs overweight :-/ ... You'd think that would mean I could spend less on food, but it's quite the opposite :-D
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