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Subject:  Re: Tax upon tax Date:  12/4/2012  11:02 PM
Author:  qazulight Number:  410500 of 539052

Good point. Who cares about tax increases on those making over $200,000, so long as it doesn't affect me? "Don't tax me, don't tax thee, tax that fellow behind the tree!"

Taxing thy neighbor will be the ruination of this once great nation. It's happened to Europe, and it's coming to a country near you.

Oh please. First, name a country that doesn't collect taxes. Then, name a period of time in this country when taxes weren't collected. If you can't think of an answer to either or both of those questions then your comments might just be a little too silly to be taken seriously.

Next, the OP's cautionary statement regarding increased taxes was incorrect as written, and therefore the investment advice needed clarification. It is certainly reasonable to provide clarification in that context, without commenting on the efficacy of the policies being discussed (and no comments were provided, except by you).

Finally, Europe's economic problems are almost entirely related to various counties having a common currency but not a common political system. There is a major lesson to be learned there, but it has little to do with taxation.

The OP was pointing out the the +250,000 incomes have already been hit with a tax increase via the Affordable Healthcare Act, then the line in the sand for the President is another increase for the wealthy.

Qazulight (Two incomes no kids, not going to get hit with the +250,000 tax, but might get hit with the AMT if we go over the cliff.)
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