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Subject:  Re: Tax upon tax Date:  12/5/2012  12:45 AM
Author:  sykesix Number:  410509 of 536980

So you're not going to re-quote the important line, ignore half of what you quote, and declare it silly? You're just going to declare the entire thing silly without any explanation of why something so obviously true and relevant is silly?

Okay. Obviously there's no hope of getting anything intelligent out of you.

Without explanation?? I did provide an explanation. Since you need a re-quote to follow along, here again is the post in question:

Good point. Who cares about tax increases on those making over $200,000, so long as it doesn't affect me? "Don't tax me, don't tax thee, tax that fellow behind the tree!"

Taxing thy neighbor will be the ruination of this once great nation. It's happened to Europe, and it's coming to a country near you.

That's the whole post. To which I responded (in part):

Finally, Europe's economic problems are almost entirely related to various counties having a common currency but not a common political system. There is a major lesson to be learned there, but it has little to do with taxation.

Now, that explanation might make you mad, and you might disagree with it for reasons you aren't willing to share with us mortals, but it is an explanation and I did provide one.

If you don't agree with that conclusion, that's fine. But I notice you didn't attempt to refute my statement, you simply attacked my intelligence. That's a pretty clear sign you don't have a rebuttal.

That's fine too, but also note that I didn't attack the previous poster, I challenged his statement. I said specifically "your comments might just be a little too silly to be taken seriously."

So let's summarize. You have a problem with me not quoting the full post even though I quoted the full post. You're grumpy I didn't offer to explain my post, even though I did. And instead of challenging any of the things I wrote, you just declare me stupid for secret reasons that you need to keep to yourself. Boy, you set me straight.

If I wanted everyone to think I was a buffoon I would post exactly what you just did. Note I didn't say I think you are a buffoon. Just that if I wanted to people to think I was a buffoon I would post the exact same things you are posting. In fact, I wouldn't change a comma.
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