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Subject:  Re: Hello There! Date:  12/5/2012  8:09 AM
Author:  PipneyJane Number:  306480 of 309665

Wild! It's been forever!

< waves madly >

Congratulations on the degree and good luck with your new career. I hope grad school goes well.

I'm still with Gerald. We've been married 9 years now. No kids (infertility). He was laid off 3 years ago, spent a long time under-employed and is now working on a contract basis but being paid employee rates for it. Still, it's the first reasonable money he's been paid since 2009 and they want to keep him for as long as possible. When he started working for them, I made him save a quarter of his take-home-pay so he's building up a nice cash cushion for when the job finishes. (And he sees the wisdom of it.)

Me - I left systems training back in 2005 and went back to accounts. Got laid off at the end of 2006, immediately went to work on a big construction project that, like a zombie, now refuses to die (we left site nearly 2 years ago). It's had the last rites; been staked through the heart; the will has been read; and still something crosses my desk every week about it. :o)

Stayed with my new employer and been promoted twice. Although work is incredibly stressful at the moment (it'