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Subject:  Re: Already Too Late to Stop Climate Change Date:  12/5/2012  1:35 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46611 of 117706

alstro: "Perhaps not (not yet-), but the Prius storage battery sucks up energy from braking, which seems even weirder!"

Not in the least. It is called regenerative braking...and has been around for decades. It extends your range and is possible to do when you have an electric motor driving the car..

simple (but complex) engineering.

alstro:"My husband thinks we don't really need 2 cars when he retires. But I say let's keep his 10-year-old Prius until we can't drive it any more. We have to keep the CR-V as it has been modified for towing behind the RV. "

Well, that would mean, if you only want one car, that the Prius goes.....right?

Plus of course, the cost of keeping the Prius is likely at least $200 a month. Between insurance, annual registration inspection, and depreciation, not even counting maintenance which will increase with more miles......

I'm sure just the 60K checkup will separate a lot of cash from your wallet and hand to Toyota dealer...


alstro:"I'm not sure why so many people drive huge trucks & SUVs when they seldom, if ever, haul anything."

Sort of like you having two cars...and planning on keeping two because, well, one of them can be towed behind the RV...

Some have them to tow a boat...or load in the 3 kids and the soccer team...or haul all the stuff to the summer house.....

or haul the dogs around town....and some folks like the 'high up' ride they have.....or want 4 wheel or off road capability......


alstro:" We've always liked having one very small car with great gas mileage and one compact or midsize sedan or small SUV/minivan for hauling kids/stuff."

I had a van for about 8 years....great for hauling stuff!......wish I had access to one at times to haul something big....but not fun to drive around in congested suburbs...or park...I got rid of mine when i moved to Arlington VA...couldn't fit in any garage parking anywhere and tough to navigate in traffic.

Now I got a Prius for around town, and a Malibu for road trips....


alstro:"Some women don;t feel safe if they don't drive a tank. I think Madison Avenue is very skilled ;-)"

You ever see what happens when a MG Midget gets crunched?


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