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Subject:  Re: West Is Best: Protected Lands Promote Jobs.. Date:  12/5/2012  1:49 PM
Author:  Jeanwa Number:  46614 of 117452

There are mile after mile after mile of long leaf pine trees planted in Georgia. You can drive for miles and see nothing but straight rows of loblolly pine tree farms. U.S. 1 down in Southeast Georgia all the way to Jacksonville, Florida is nothing but mile after mile of pine trees planted in straight even rows.



Was it previously forest? Is it state or federal land? Why were the trees planted?

You can drive from here to Pasco (by Walla Walla by the way) and see miles of trees planted in rows. They were planted in the desert and watered with drip from the Snake river. They are basically fast growing trees for pulp. No one I know would even think that it was a forest.

Doing a really quick search the lobolly trees were planted on marginal farm land.

I don't even pretend to know what is best for other areas.

I have a problem with drive-by decisions.
"When I drove to Seattle I saw a clear cut. It was horrible."

That kind of thing. Don't learn that the reason for the clear cut was that it had been taken over by a disease and they were trying to control it. Or an invasive species had taken over and they were removing it and planting the area with a variety of species.

Remember the spotted owl stuff didn't just close the federal/state lands it closed private lands too.

There were a couple of big fires here. The private land owners salvaged the timber and replanted within a couple of years. The Forest Service, because of protests delayed the salvage operation. They never did get all the salvage and haven't been able to do much replanting. We do work for the company that was contracted to do the salvage. It became impossible because of the protests....most of which came from east of the Mississippi.

And people wonder why rural areas tend to go Republican.

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