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Subject:  Re: Why Romney Lost Date:  12/5/2012  2:14 PM
Author:  twopairfullhouse Number:  658417 of 795018

Anyway, the post was a joke. It goes without saying that if you voted for Obama, it does not mean you don't want to work. But you can bet your britches that the people in America who don't want to work and would rather sit on their butts collecting welfare and unemployment benefits were voting for Obama...not Romney.

Further to decath's point, Gingko:

There's no doubt that the people who could work, but won't, voted overwhelmingly for Obama. There's also no doubt that the Democratic Party doesn't care who these 'takers'* are, as long as they continue to vote Democrat.

Now, you probably don't care what any of us on this board have to say about wealth redistribution by the Government. But if things keep going the way they are, with it becomi