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Subject:  Refreshing Date:  12/5/2012  6:11 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  658472 of 876048

Q: Just a second ago, you referred to, when talking about the debt ceiling, taking it off the table needs to be part of the deal. You referred to the economy being held hostage by an ideological view. You’re aware that when he was a senator, President Obama voted against raising it.

CARNEY: We addressed that and there was no threat of default at the time. What happened in 2011 — as we all know, because we all lived it, most of us in this room — was the threat of default, a willingness expressed on the record and publicly by numerous members of Congress to see the American economy under default and with all the consequent impacts on the global economy and on the American middle class in order to achieve some sort of political victory that was driven by ideology and partisanship.


Q: So it’s okay for people to engage in that kind of nonsense if it’s –

CARNEY: Jake, I appreciate the question, and we engaged in this a lot at the time and I refer you to my comments about it back then. But the fact that –

Q — people voting the way that Senator Obama did and except you’re using derisive terms –
Ahhh, the potato salad defense.


"I appreciate the question": I don't appreciate the question.

If i had an interview with Obama or Carney i'm quite confident i could make them cry.
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