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Subject:  Kinda OT: Opinions on what kinda computer to get Date:  12/5/2012  8:17 PM
Author:  IKan Number:  63098 of 64613

Since the sales on computers are starting up until the new year, I am mindful that my aging home desktop with a 21 inch screen is getting a tad slow, as in stalls temporarily, and I am tending to do more and more on it all at once.

Common things running all at once: tv show, spreadsheets, 5 internet sites, ...

My options:
1) new desktop with Intel 3rd generation i7
2) 15" laptop with 3 Gen i7
3) 17" laptop with 3rd Gen i7

I do not need a big Harddrive, do not play games on it,

I have contemplated getting a laptop which I could connect to the 21" screen but also disconnect it and take it to another room such as on the rare occassion I go to watch the big screen tv where I could multi-task. Typically when I do fire it up I am on it for a few hours in 1 stretch.

I am used to the big Microsoft keyboard and am a hunt and peck typer (2 fingers). Would I adapt back to a laptop ok? I used to have a couple laptops at a previous job a decade ago and was happy with them (15").

The 17" laptop seems a big big but has a nice size screen to see charts. I would never be carrying a laptop for more than 15 seconds (room to room) max. 15" laptop takes up less real estate. My eyesight is ok but I am not old but not a spring chicken (progressive bifocals which I forgot I have until now).

With a laptop I could have 2 screens running (the laptop and the 21").
The desktop provides more computing power for the $$$ but is stationary.
The laptop I could HDMI connect to my tv for ..... in place of using my BlackBerry Playbook now (which works good for watching tv on the big screen.... as I have no cable or satelite).

Oh what to do!?

The TV show just stopped playing while I was typing this.

Any thoughts or experiences are welcome, pros and cons.

Thanx in advance.
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